Bombyx mori

In Bombyx mori, there are 2773 experimentally identified p-sites of 901 non-redundant proteins, including 2096 phosphoserine, 567 phosphothreonine and 110 phosphotyrosine.

EPSD ID UniProt Accession Gene Name Protein Name Species
EP0001435O16140TOP2DNA topoisomerase 2Bombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0007182P05790FIBHFibroin heavy chainBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0012141P29520Elongation factor 1-alphaBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0012142P29522Elongation factor 1-beta'Bombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0024597Q0ZB73Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit JBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0024598Q0ZB76eIF3-S8Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit CBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0026856Q172395-hydroxytryptamine receptorBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0026857Q17241SGF1Silk gland factor 1Bombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0027389Q1HPK6tef2Translation elongation factor 2Bombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0027390Q1HPQ9733124Proteasome subunit betaBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0027391Q1HPS0Myosin regulatory light chain 2Bombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0027392Q1HPT1732989ATP synthase subunit betaBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0027393Q1HPW2692781Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4ABombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0027394Q1HQ75100101162Ring finger protein 5Bombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0027395Q1HQ86100101161Mobility group protein 1BBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0027950Q1XG89TDRD12Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase TDRD12Bombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0028877Q2F5L0778461Signal sequence receptorBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0028878Q2F5L5733070Protein transport protein Sec61 subunit betaBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0028879Q2F5R4692939Glutamate dehydrogenaseBombyx mori (BOMMO)
EP0028880Q2F6C9pts6-pyrovoyltetrahydropterin synthaseBombyx mori (BOMMO)
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