Xenopus tropicalis

In Xenopus tropicalis, there are 16 experimentally identified p-sites of 5 non-redundant proteins, including 7 phosphoserine and 9 phosphothreonine.

EPSD ID UniProt Accession Gene Name Protein Name Species
EP0225795Q0IHP2incenpInner centromere proteinXenopus tropicalis (XENTR)
EP0226347Q28GW8melkMaternal embryonic leucine zipper kinaseXenopus tropicalis (XENTR)
EP0233956Q4U1U2Uncharacterized proteinXenopus tropicalis (XENTR)
EP0241286Q6DEY0Uncharacterized proteinXenopus tropicalis (XENTR)
EP0304952Q08D52anapc1Anaphase-promoting complex subunit 1Xenopus tropicalis (XENTR)
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